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While the Recreational League is mostly Eanes ISD eligible students, WYBA is able to accommodate non-Eanes students.
The Prep League has a limited number of players so all players must be Eanes ISD eligible students and participate in tryouts unless granted a waiver by the league.

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Practices and games will be canceled if the schools are closed and/ or students are sent home early due to inclement weather. When school is closed, due to inclement weather, the Gyms are closed to WYBA. If you are concerned that events may be canceled you should check your email, Eanes website: www.eanesisd.net
& our website: www.wlyba.org 

A Non-Profit Organization Serving the Westlake Community and EANES Schools Since 1994

WYBA WINTER 2019 Season

(December 2, 2019 – Mid/Late February 2020) 


Waiting List
The online Registration Link will be removed from our website on November 05, 2019. You can email Paul Lamb at paul@wlyba.org to be added to the waiting list. There is no guarantee we can add the player for this season. To be added to the waitlist, you will need to provide the following information:
 Players Name:  Parents Name:
 Gender:  Grade:
 Phone Number:  School of Attendance:

Pictures and Trophies
WYBA will no longer provide pictures for participants. We will provide participation trophies for players in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. For players in the 4th through 6th Grade, we provide 1st and 2nd place trophies to members of the top two teams in each division.




Boys Junior

Boys Senior


Boys Junior

Boys Senior


 What is the difference? Which one is the right for us?
Prep League is only an option for Players in the 4th, 5th and 6th Grades


The Recreational League is for all grades, Kindergarten to 12th. It teaches basic skills and is intended to be informative and fun. While it is mostly Eanes Eligible students, we are able to accommodate some non-Eanes students in the Recreational League. The teams are divided into divisions based on Gender and Grade. The teams practice once a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). Grades K- 6th generally play one game a week on Saturday. Grades 7th-12th generally play one game a week on Sunday afternoon. Each team’s Volunteer Coach will select the practice night and time for his/her team. There is no tryout for the Recreational League.

Each year the Divisions are determined by the number of registrations. The most common Divisions for Girls are: K/1st Grade; 2nd Grade; 3rd Grade; 4th Grade and 5th/6th Grade. The most common Divisions for the Boys are: Kindergarten; 1st Grade; 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade; 4th Grade; 5th/6th Grade; 7th/8th Grade and 9th/12th Grade.

We do not keep score for K-2nd. These teams are formed mostly by school of attendance. For Grades 3rd-8th, we do keep score and have a player draft to form teams. The Girls Divisions sometimes choose to continue forming school related teams for the 3rd Graders, however, this must be agreed on by the Coordinators and Coaches. Grades 9th-12th are player coached and teams are formed through a collaboration between the coaches and the Coordinator. The cost of the Recreational League is listed below:

Grades K-3rd Play 8 Games $175.00
Grades 4th-12th Play 8 Games plus Tournament $200.00



Kinder-1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade

4th Grade
5th/6th Grade
7th/8th Grade

4th/6th Grade




The Prep League is for players in the 4th; 5th and 6th Grades. It is a more competitive league and has a limited number of players. Because of the limitation, players must be Eanes Eligible Students and participate in tryouts unless granted a waiver by the league. The Prep League consists of 3 Divisions: Girls Prep; Boys Junior Prep, and Boys Senior Prep. The Girls Prep League and Boys Junior Prep Divisions consist of 6 teams with 8 players per team. The Boys Senior Prep Division consist of 8 teams with 8 players per team.

If a player wishes to play in the Prep League and is unable to attend the tryouts, he/she must notify us of the conflict in advance. Missing the tryout due to justifiable reasons does not disqualify the player from consideration; however, failure to notify us does. The Tryout consists of two parts:

Girls Prep Part 1-Skills Oct. 26, 2019 *9:00-12:00
Part 2-Scrimmage Nov. 2, 2019 *9:00-12:00

Boys Jr. & Sr. Prep Part 1-Skills Oct. 27, 2019 *1:00-6:00
Part 2-Scrimmage Nov. 3 ,2019 *1:00-6:00

Girls Prep League Tryouts will be at Hill Country Middle School and Boys Prep League Tryouts will be at Westlake High School Main Gym unless notified of the change. *The exact time of the Skills Tryout will be posted on our homepage by October 23, 2019. Scrimmages will be approximately 15 minutes long and prospective players will be placed in small groups (10-14). The exact time each player scrimmages will be posted on our homepage by October 30, 2019.

The Girls Prep and Boys Junior Prep normally practice on Sunday afternoon and play games on Wednesday nights (2 contacts per week). The Boys Senior Prep normally practice on Sunday afternoon and play games on Monday and Thursday nights (3 contacts per week). The cost of the Prep League is listed below:

Girl Prep Play 10 Games plus Tournament $225.00
Boys Junior Prep Play 10 Games plus Tournament $225.00
Boys Senior Prep Play 14 Games plus Tournament $250.00



Prep Game Rules are same for all Prep Leagues



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