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Austin, Texas
While the Recreational League is mostly Eanes ISD eligible students, WYBA is able to accommodate non-Eanes students.
The Prep League has a limited number of players so all players must be Eanes ISD eligible students and participate in tryouts unless granted a waiver by the league.

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History and Mission of Westlake Youth Basketball Association (WYBA)

Members of the Westlake community created WYBA in 1992 to provide an opportunity for EISD students to participate in organized basketball, recognizing that organized basketball is an outlet for young people to practice skills such as teamwork, commitment, and perseverance in a competitive yet cooperative environment.

Shortly after its inception, WYBA began operating as a not-for-profit organization. WYBA has always been a volunteer-driven organization focused on benefitting EISD students and EISD schools. It’s primarily thanks to the altruism, positivity, and countless hours of dedication from WYBA’s volunteer board members, coordinators, and coaches that WYBA is able to serve the Eanes and Westlake communities so well.

Paul Lamb became involved with WYBA in 1998 when his oldest child entered the program. Paul first started as a volunteer coach, then became a league coordinator, was later made president of the board, and eventually—as league participation continued to grow—was hired to serve as WYBA’s first executive director. As WYBA continued to expand, Paul and the board preserved the organization’s focus on providing a safe, fun, and rewarding sports program for local students while supporting the EISD schools and broader community. This has been accomplished through close partnerships with the EISD central office and the individual EISD schools’ principals and staff including coaches, P.E. teachers, and custodians. WYBA also strives to support and work with other local youth sports organizations and the Westlake Athletic & Community Center (WACC), all of whom are excellent partners in serving the community.

In addition to providing an opportunity to play basketball for approximately 1,000 participants each year, WYBA endeavors to apply its influence and resources for the further benefit of the community. Some examples of this are (1) WYBA’s scholarship program, which enables every student the opportunity to participate regardless of resources, (2) the preseason clinic which WYBA hosts at the start of each year to raise money for the Westlake High School men’s and women’s basketball programs, and (3) the donations of its excess funds that WYBA makes each year to each of the EISD schools’ athletic and physical education departments to support EISD students of all ages.

WYBA and its volunteers are dedicated to fulfilling the mission of providing Eanes students with an outlet for safe and fun basketball competition while working with and boosting the community at large. WYBA’s commitment to volunteerism and community service will continue to guide it into the future.













Wade Lamb, Executive Director

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