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Austin, Texas
While the Recreational League is mostly Eanes ISD eligible students, WYBA is able to accommodate non-Eanes students.
The Prep League has a limited number of players so all players must be Eanes ISD eligible students and participate in tryouts unless granted a waiver by the league.

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* All dates are intended as guidelines and are subject to change.

Registration Period August 10, 2021 – October 23, 2021
Late Registration Period
Registrations received between October 24, 2021 and
November 10, 2021, will be accessed a $50 Late Fee
but players are guaranteed to be placed on a team.
October 24, 2021 – November 10, 2021
Waitlist Period
You can request to be added to a Waitlist but we can’t
guarantee Team Placement. .
November 11, 2021
Pre-Season Clinic – Grades K-6
A PRE-SEASON CLINIC will be conducted by the
Westlake High School Coaches at the WHS Gyms.
All participants check in at the WHS Main Gym
October 24, 2021
Request for Refund Deadline November 11, 2021

If you wish to play in the Prep League (only offered for Grades 4-6), you have a two-part tryout. There is no tryout for players in other grades or for players wishing to play in the Recreational League.

Prep League Tryouts – Girls Part 1 – Skills October 30, 2021 Part 2 – Scrimmage November 6, 2021

Prep League Tryouts – Boys Part 1 – Skills October 31, 2021
Part 2 – Scrimmage November 7, 2021

Prep League Tryouts
Girls Prep
 Part 1-Skills  Oct. 30, 2021  *9:00-12:00
 Part 2-Scrimmage  Nov. 06, 2021  *9:00-12:00
Prep League Tryouts
Boys Jr. & Sr. Prep
 Part 1-Skills  Oct. 31, 2021  *1:00-6:00
 Part 2-Scrimmage  Nov. 07 ,2020  *1:00-6:00

Girls tryouts will be at Hill Country Middle School
Boys Tryouts will be at Westlake High School Main Gym
Skills Tryout Times will be posted by October 23, 2021
Scrimmage Tryout Times will be posted by November 3, 2021

Prep League Teams Formed November 11, 2021
Prep League Practice Begins November 14, 2021
Prep League Games Begin December 2, 2021
Prep League Games End February 20, 2022
Recreational League Teams (K-8th) Formed November 18, 2021
Recreational League (K-8th) Practice Begins The week of November 29, 2021
Recreational League (K- 8th) Games Begin December 4, 2021
Most Recreational League Divisions End Either February 12 or February19, 2022
Recreational League (9th-12th) Season Begins January 9, 2022
The High School Division Will End No Later Than March 6, 2022

After Christmas Break, Prep League practice will begin on January 3, 2022
After Christmas Break, Recreational League practice will begin on January 3, 2022.

If you have any questions email Wade Lamb: wade@wlyba.org




Wade Lamb, Executive Director

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